“Welcome to Kool Cups. We serve the best Kool Tasty Treats! You’ll find inspiration and goodness.”


Made from Scratch

Our recipes are made fresh daily. Our syrup is a family secret recipe and gluten free. We serve unique taste, food and treats. Come on down and try the best Kool Tasty Treats Around!


Food + Community

Our food, treats and drinks has a special ability to bring people together. We call our customers the Kool Family. When coming to Kool Cups it will feel as welcoming and warming as if it’s your own family. For us, eating together builds the best communities & families. Go To Kool Cups….and see your Family!


Hometown Flavor

Kool Cups has been in our family for years. My family is from Louisiana, Texas, and California. Kool Cups will always hold a special place with my family because of so many memories we created. The fun, laughter, games, and good times is what Kool Cups will continue to bring. “Etowah!”

Kool Cups LLC

5215 FM-762

Richmond, TX 77469

(832) 878-4967

Our Hours

Thursday – Sunday: 1pm – 7pm

Kool Cups llc….. A Kool Tasty Treat!